Famous Launches Free Ecommerce Design Platform for Shopify Brands

Famous Launches Free Ecommerce Design Platform for Shopify Brands

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Famous, the ecommerce design company helping anyone easily market and sell products online, today announced Amaze Free, a first-of-its kind, no-code design platform powering ecommerce. Amaze Free, available for free in the Shopify App Store, helps anyone quickly and easily launch their online business, streamline and accelerate marketing efforts, and increase customer engagement through tailored shopping experiences. It offers immersive designs, animations, and transitions, enabling merchants to build customized landing pages in just a few clicks – no design or technical skills required.

As consumers rely on available information online to make purchasing decisions, Amaze Free helps merchants design shopping experiences tailored to educating their target audience about the products they want to see. This means consumers see relevant and personalized content based on their specific interests and needs and have a positive, seamless experience learning about different products before they decide to buy.

“With ecommerce booming, there are many tools out there that help merchants and brands achieve their goals. However, there is no effective one-stop-shop and it still requires a complex – and often expensive – tech stack to set up an online store and market and sell products in a way that sets you apart from all the competition out there,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Famous. “With Amaze Free, we are filling a gap in the market by offering a free, all-in-one solution that is accessible to anyone wanting to bring their business idea online and create amazing experiences for their audience.”

Unlike existing page builders, Amaze Free streamlines the design, marketing, and sales process in a way that’s easier and faster than ever before. Following the launch of Amaze Free, Famous aims to continuously improve and build tools that help anyone unlock their potential and create memorable mobile shopping experiences through immersive, premium designs that increase customer engagement and sales.

Famous’ community is open for anyone to join – via email, Slack, or social media – to share feedback to help evolve Famous’ products, create and contribute their own designs, and gain exclusive access to special offers.

*Originally published on Martechcube.com.

**Famous has since changed its name to Amaze, Inc.