Meet our world-traveling CPO, Laura Haines

Meet our world-traveling CPO, Laura Haines

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As Canva’s previous VP of Product and Partnerships, Laura Haines brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Amaze.

Outside of work, our fun and adventurous Chief Product Officer has been known to celebrate Christmas in October, scuba dive with sharks, and has lived on four continents.

Read more about her in her interview below!

Name: Laura Haines

Title: Chief Product Officer

Department: Product, Engineering, and Design

Time at Amaze: 1 year‌‌

1) Provide a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

I owned and operated a restaurant while completing my degree in Software Engineering. It taught me an incredible amount about holistic business fundamentals, prioritization, the importance of quality, processes, and people.

2) What’s something you’ve done or created that you’re proud of–either at work or during your free time?

I’m most proud of the relationships I have formed over the years with friends, family, and colleagues. I have lived in 4 different continents and been very fortunate to create and maintain relationships with lots of wonderful people who I continually learn from and hold dear.

3) Describe a favorite memory.

One of my favorite memories is of the first time my husband and I were unable to make it to Scotland for Christmas. My family believes bad situations or days can be turned around positively, so they just rescheduled Christmas. We visited in October to be welcomed by all our family in a fully decorated house serving up a Christmas dinner. It was fun and kind and all sorts of wonderful.

4) What inspired you to join Amaze?

I wanted to join Amaze because of the people and the product. It was that simple. The people at Amaze go above and beyond to help each other and are eager to learn and make an impact. The product itself is both fantastic and has so much potential. We have been working hard to align our vision for Amaze and optimize it for our users and our team.

5) Explain your role and what you do.

As the Chief Product Officer, I support the product, design, and engineering areas of Amaze. I also drive the product vision and our ability to execute strategies and meet our goals.

6) How has your previous work experience helped you excel in your current position?

I feel like everything I have done in the past has been in preparation for this position at Amaze. My professional background has varied from investment banking, to the travel industry and SaaS. Each role has offered me the ability to work with and learn from amazing people.

I have overcome many challenges and really enjoy the fast pace that start ups bring. There are so many opportunities to fix, build, and create things. We never get bored and our team is always being pushed past our comfort zones, which is where you learn the most.

7) How would you describe Amaze’s company culture?

We are all determined to achieve great things and we all do it with kindness and good intentions. Everyone at Amaze is working to make a difference for the customer and support one another in the process. It’s wonderful to see people collaborating on a shared goal and learning from and taking care of each other.

8) What are some of your observations regarding our leadership team?

We aim to act with humility and awareness. We are only human, so we are continually working to improve ourselves, as well as the business. The great thing about Amaze is that everyone can–and should–think and act like a leader. It’s leadership's responsibility to bring diverse thinking and experiences, plus give clarity and direction. It’s all of our responsibility to act like leaders and amaze ourselves and each other.

9) What’s been your favorite part about working for Amaze?

The creator space is very exciting and fast-paced. I love being part of the growth and being immersed in all the innovation and creativity coming from not only the creators, but also all the emerging tools and technology.

I also love being part of Amaze when creators and partners see our product and their eyes light up. I am thrilled to be part of Amaze and the creator economy and I am extremely passionate and excited for what the future brings.