Amaze partners with EverX to develop open-source NFT minting and selling

Amaze partners with EverX to develop open-source NFT minting and selling

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Partnership enables merchants to easily mint and produce NFTs, paving an additional, innovative approach to customer engagement

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2022 - Amaze, the no-code ecommerce platform, today announced a partnership with leading blockchain development firm EverX to bring innovative NFT (non-fungible token) technology to merchants. The partnership marks Amaze as the first ecommerce portal to enable brands to make the transition into the world of NFTs, by enabling users to mint and sell these via the Amaze platform, and opening up a whole new world for ecommerce merchants.

The partnership aims to solve several challenges that currently inhibit the growth of NFTs, which are viewed as a cornerstone of Web3. Currently, most modern browsers don’t support Web3 applications, making Web3 less accessible. Meanwhile, transactions are also slower due to being decentralized without proper underlying scalable technology, which creates a more challenging onboarding experience for the user. Amaze plans to enable minting NFTs throughout the design process, meaning that merchants will be able to produce NFTs anywhere.

“In order to overcome the challenges inhibiting the growth of NFTs, one of the unique solutions we’ve come up with implementing access to Surf, which is a fully decentralized environment accessible from any internet connected device–ensuring the user has a seamless and extremely simple experience when minting and distributing NFTs,” said Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO and co-founder of EverX. Amaze chose to utilize the Everscale Network due to transaction speed–Everscale is the only network with the ability to scale to support big retailers, which is their long-term goal.

“At Amaze, our mission is to enable anyone to sell anything with simple tools that connect anywhere. We believe that NFTs are extremely valuable for optimizing customer engagement and we are passionate about giving our customers  - whether that be creators, influencers, makers, entrepreneurs or  small businesses - options to not only mint NFTs but to create minted templates,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Amaze. “The fan, enthusiast or follower of a brand wants options to collect, monetize and show off their collection of NFTs. With Amaze, the first ecommerce portal to enable template minting, you now have a tremendous opportunity to expand your digital reach.”

Together with EverX, Amaze is the most progessive no-code ecommerce platform in the market today. By enabling the minting and selling of NFTs outside the marketplaces and directly in retail ecosystems and beyond, brands can safely explore what NFT technology can do for their businesses. The partnership is one example of how Amaze is creating the future of ecommerce, by delivering unique avenues for merchants to engage prospects and customers, and sell their products in compelling and innovative ways.  

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Founded in May 2018, EverX is a global collective of experts in decentralized application development and the core developer of the Everscale network -- a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component EverOS. As the core development team of Everscale, EverX is committed to optimizing the development of applications easily accessible to global communities and enterprises.

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