Amaze partners with Picsart to provide advanced photo editing tools inside its platform

Amaze partners with Picsart to provide advanced photo editing tools inside its platform

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SAN FRANCISCO, August 31, 2022 - Amaze, an intuitive, no-code, mobile landing page design platform, today announced a partnership with Picsart, a comprehensive creative platform of photo, video editing, and design tools. The partnership enabled Amaze to integrate powerful editing tools into its Amaze platform, which will allow users to create projects faster and customize images for their landing pages right inside Amaze.

Users can now access three of Picsart’s powerful editing tools on Amaze, including remove background, image upscale, and photo filters.

1. Remove background: Instantly remove the background behind an object or person to create stunning product or profile images in just one click.

2. Image upscale: Increase the size of an image and improve its resolution at the same time.

3. Photo filters: Choose from ten different photo filters to enhance an image and create a more dramatic look.

“Amaze is thrilled to bring Picsart’s powerful photo editing capabilities within our site editor,” said Travis Eliand, VP of Growth at Amaze. “Oftentimes, digital creators and brands struggle to create content at scale. Now, with Picsart in the heart of the Amaze platform, it’s even easier for them to create custom, personalized experiences that will amaze their audiences.”

The addition of Picsart’s editing tools is just one of the many ways Amaze is making it easy and possible for anyone to create beautiful, mobile-first landing pages.

See the Picsart integration yourself and experience the power of Amaze when you sign up for a free 15-day trial.

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