Dig deep into the life of our Sr. DevOps Engineer

Dig deep into the life of our Sr. DevOps Engineer

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Name: Angela Smith

Title: Sr DevOps Engineer

Department: Engineering

Time at Amaze: 3 years

1) Provide a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

I have a degree in Anthropology, and I've had the unique opportunity to work on Archaeological digs around the world.

2) What’s something you’ve done or created that you’re proud of–either at work or during your free time?

Even when studying Archaeology, I could never escape my computer background completely. One of the key tools used to determine the context of a site – everything from the site's age to its purpose – comes from identifying broken pottery. Typically this has meant spending hours going through books or, if you're lucky, a museum's comparison collection. As a side project, my friend and I created an online searchable database for visually comparing pottery sherds based on the ceramics collection held at the Hearst Museum of Archaeology. We were the only undergraduates to be asked to present at the annual Historical Archaeology conference that year.

3) Describe a favorite memory.

Growing up, my dad traveled all the time for work. He was a great explorer, and I loved hearing the stories about all his various adventures. While working on my Master's program in the UK, I finally got the chance to join him on a few. The one that stands out the most was a long weekend in Rome, seeing the Colosseum, climbing the Spanish Steps, and looking at the views from the top of the Vatican. I'll never forget how amazing that time was, visiting my dad's favorite places in Rome and getting to experience one of his great adventures firsthand.

4) What inspired you to join Amaze?

Two things – the product and the people. I was excited by the product's potential to allow anyone to create beautiful dynamic websites. And everyone I met from day one was so welcoming. After coming from a large corporate environment, the chance to work on a remarkable product with a great group of people was something I couldn't pass up.

5) Explain your role and what you do.

DevOps is one of those jobs that has different meanings for different people.  Basically, I manage all the stuff behind the curtain–the infrastructure that Amaze runs on. There are many moving parts involved in making Amaze work, and it's my job to ensure it works as smoothly as possible.

6) How has your previous work experience helped you excel in your current position?

I've had several jobs in the past, including programming and system administration. One element that always seems to come up has been finding ways to make quirky things work. I also love a good mystery – troubleshooting errors is something I really enjoy doing.

7) How would you describe Amaze’s company culture?

It's a great group of people to work with. Everybody brings something unique to the process and is happy to share.

8) What’s been your favorite part about working for Amaze?

The people. I've been fortunate to work with some brilliant people that have taught me a lot and continue to inspire me.