Aaron Day–Transforming Amaze One Day at a Time

Aaron Day–Transforming Amaze One Day at a Time

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Name: Aaron Day

Title: CEO

Department: All

Time at Amaze: 1 year

Aaron Day joined Amaze in September 2021. Before Amaze, Aaron served as CEO and President of Trend Offset Printing, a company that employed over 1000 people and brought in over $300 million in revenue. Canva eventually hired Aaron as its Global Partnership Lead, where he oversaw the success of its international eCommerce division

Since he joined Amaze, our company has doubled in size, recruited an impressive leadership team, and released powerful product upgrades.

Check out his interview below to get to know him better and see what makes him so successful!

1. Give us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

By the time my youngest leaves for college, I will have raised kids for 36 straight years. My first son was born when I was 29, and my youngest daughter will leave for college when I am 65. I couldn't be happier, but I don't seem to have much time for golf.

2. What's something you've done or created that you're proud of–either at work or during your free time?

I am sort of the godfather of the Partnership role across the tech industry. When I started at Canva as Global Partnership lead, no one had this title. Over a few years, it became one of the most important jobs in tech. I plan to write a book called "Chief Partnership Officer, the most important Leadership role of the 21st century."

3. Describe a favorite memory.

One of my favorite memories is going with my oldest son to Moscow to watch Team U.S.A. play against the best Russian Hockey teams. It was also amazing to see the crowd at the Russian Red Army arena.

4. What inspired you to join Amaze?

Amaze has the power to unleash potential for everyone and enables people to monetize their passion. I saw Amaze as a fantastic opportunity to impact millions of creative people.

5. Explain your role and what you do.

As CEO, my main job is to align teams and ensure we focus on our mission. I spend most of my time helping teams be more productive and move faster.

6. How has your previous work experience helped you excel in your current position?

I have a great network that has helped put our vision in front of hundreds of strategic partnerships. This advantage provides enormous potential for us to accelerate our mission to empower anyone to sell anything, anywhere.

7. How would you describe Amaze's company culture?

Our culture is one of consideration and passion. We are all extremely passionate about what we are trying to accomplish, and that passion creates enormous energy and a very positive vibe. It is intense but enjoyable.

8. What are some of your observations regarding our leadership team?

We've built a leadership team with tremendous experience, passion, and drive. They are hyper-focused and relentless in their pursuit of excellence. The team doesn't just do their job; they truly act as owners. All of our employees are growing tremendously from the experience the leadership team has and is relaying.

9. What's been your favorite part about working for Amaze?

The people! Every day the team amazes me in so many ways. We will have a strategic meeting about an integration, and then an employee will take the initiative to research an alternative idea and present it with vigor. I just sit back and go, "wow," this team is so into this mission, and it is contagious.