Amaze Partners with Ozone Metaverse to Accelerate Immersive, Virtual Ecommerce Experiences

Amaze Partners with Ozone Metaverse to Accelerate Immersive, Virtual Ecommerce Experiences

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2022 - Amaze, the no-code ecommerce platform, today announced a partnership with Ozone Metaverse to bring virtual shopping to all retailers in the ecommerce community. This partnership is an example of Amaze’s continual investment in the future of ecommerce, providing retailers with the unique ability to integrate design software to retail products and 3D, virtual shopping experiences.

The partnership will enable retailers to build virtual shopping experiences cost effectively, and at scale. Amaze’s platform, integrated with Ozone Metaverse’s proprietary engine and composable NFT stack, will programmatically load critical inventory and product details into an immersive 3D format for retailers looking to expand into providing virtual shopping experiences via the web, mobile and VR.

“We believe that the metaverse is ushering in a new era for the Internet, and it’s offering a unique opportunity for brands to launch new experiences and radically evolve social connections,” said Jay Ess, CEO at Ozone Metaverse. “We’re excited to partner with Amaze to give retailers a pioneering and innovative way to stand out – and provide a truly immersive experience for their customers within the virtual worlds Ozone powers.”

Amaze continues to pave innovative paths for the future of ecommerce. This partnership with Ozone Metaverse follows Amaze’s partnership with leading blockchain development firm EverX to bring non-fungible token (NFT) technology to merchants, enabling brands to make the transition into the world of NFTs and explore new ways to optimize customer engagement.

“Amaze has a steadfast commitment to give retail merchants, creatives, and business owners the solutions to foster deeper connections with their customers, and to help sell their products and services in the best and most accessible way possible,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Amaze. “With a slew of major retailers already starting to make strides in the Metaverse, Amaze is making it easy for brands to hone their strategy in this new virtual world, and successfully incorporate the metaverse as a new selling, marketing, and engagement channel for their prospects and customers.”

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Ozone Metaverse is a next-gen platform to power the creation of the metaverse at internet-scale. Built on our proprietary 3D engine, unique NFT-based world composability, and blockchain-native economy and governance models, we aim to be the fastest and easiest-to-use platform for designing and creating the most compelling metaverse experiences for individuals, brands, IP owners, and DAOs.

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