Four Game Changing Mobile E-Commerce Stores

Four Game Changing Mobile E-Commerce Stores

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With so much competition, it’s hard for brands to get customers’ attention online – it only takes approximately 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for visitors to form an opinion about a website that determines whether they will stay or leave. The increase in smartphone users and resulting spike in mobile shopping doesn’t make it easier as ecommerce businesses now need to create a great mobile shopping experience in addition to their existing website. 85% of adults think that a company’s website when viewed on a mobile device should be as good or better than its desktop website. To stand out, attract, and retain consumers, businesses must design a beautiful mobile ecommerce experience that is engaging, enjoyable to interact with, and easy to navigate. Famous identified four mobile storefronts that eloquently designed their sites to invite the consumer to browse and created a memorable and immersive mobile shopping experience that set them on the path to increased conversions.

Wuli Grooming

Wuli Grooming is a haircare brand that specializes in products for those with naturally curly and coiling hair. Their mobile page has an exceptional design, layout, and navigation, welcoming visitors with an engaging video of a customer using their product. The site even goes a step further to elevate its page organization – instead of using navigation bars or scrolling, Wuli Grooming uses a 3D cube transition to allow users to nicely switch between pages, creating an enjoyable, interactive experience.


Larq sells water bottles with built-in filters that conveniently provide clean water on the go. To introduce the consumer to their product in an appealing and entertaining fashion, Larq’s mobile site avoids lengthy descriptions and lets clean-cut images and animations of their bottles speak for themselves. The site even features a plastic waste calculator to help the consumer understand and appreciate how purchasing Larq water bottles positively impacts the environment. Larq uses high-quality product images and interactive tools to immerse consumers into the brand story and their environmental mission.


Revelry is a bridesmaid dress brand that enhances the process of finding the perfect dress. They’ve done a great job at creating a well-designed and beautiful mobile shopping experience in line with their product aesthetic and mission. Revelry has a sample box program that lets customers try on their apparel prior to purchasing, which is nicely featured with a video snippet. Shoppers are able to swipe left and right to preview images, creating a responsive and intuitive browsing experience. Revelry is able to connect to consumers on a more personal level and get them excited by using video and animations to showcase their dresses and social mission.


Burrow sells responsibly-sourced furniture directly to the consumer, bypassing the cumbersome supply chain and avoiding high prices. The expansive and virtually textless mobile site nicely showcases the furniture through immersive visual elements, focusing on its style and comfort. Video plays an important role in revealing the versatility of their products as well as the exciting experience of opening and assembling furniture for a new home. Burrow creates a relaxed and engaging experience for visitors to explore what the brand offers and even conveys what it feels like to have Burrow furniture at your home.

Overall, these brands have created memorable mobile shopping experiences by integrating immersive video and visual elements, simplified web copy, and mobile-optimized design and navigation. Video is a crucial element on mobile as it showcases the product in action while conveying the brands’ story, look, and feel. 84% of consumers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. We hope these brands inspire you to build your own immersive mobile store and connect with your ideal customers!