How to Increase Engagement For Your Shopify Store

How to Increase Engagement For Your Shopify Store

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With over one million stores, Shopify is becoming increasingly competitive. Digital sales increased by 32.4% in 2020 alone and the ecommerce space continues to grow rapidly. Shopify brands need to come up with new, creative ways to differentiate and market their online storefront and stand out from the crowd. Providing a well-designed, seamless, and memorable shopping experience is key to attracting and building a loyal customer base. But what are the elements that make for such a unique ecommerce experience?

Here are three things you can start implementing today to create an enjoyable shopping experience, give your Shopify presence a boost, and increase customer engagement on your store:

Ensure Quality Design

Don’t compromise on your online store’s design – it has to be appealing and enjoyable to attract new customers and make them want to come back. Think about the design of your Shopify store in the way you would about a physical store. No one would walk into a retail store that has a rusty door, unpainted walls, and shabby furniture. When consumers see poorly designed storefronts, they often assume that there is the same lack of care in the product quality, customer service, and other areas of your business.

Make that first impression shoppers get when entering your online store count to ensure that they develop an instant affinity and personal connection with your brand. Creating an inviting, high-quality aesthetic and design also allows you to build familiarity and trust with customers which is essential to fostering brand loyalty. Research has also shown that customers are twice as likely to purchase a product if it has a 3D product image rather than a flat image.

Simplify (Mobile) Site Navigation

While premium designs are important to attract and keep shoppers in your online store, implementing the basics of a smooth experience is just as critical – having a fast, easy-to-navigate, and secure site. Landing page loading times, intuitive navigation, and seamless and quick checkout and payment processes are crucial aspects of a great customer experience and proven to significantly increase conversion rates. Keep your Shopify store simple in regards to the user interface and layout to make it as easy as possible for people to browse your site and make a purchase.

It is also essential for brands to optimize the mobile shopping experience as an astounding 69% of all Shopify sales are made on mobile, while just 31% occur on desktop.

Build creative marketing campaigns

After you’ve created a top-notch mobile shopping experience, it’s time to elevate and promote it with creative marketing campaigns that drive people to your site. This is important since shoppers likely won’t find out about your Shopify store if you don’t engage with them where they are – whether that’s on social media, in their inbox, or searching for products online.

When building creative campaigns, focus on telling your story rather than selling your products to build a relationship with consumers and allow them to connect with your brand on a deeper level. This will increase traffic to your store and ensure that you attract your ideal customer that will ultimately make a purchase and stay with you for the long term.

Next Steps

Being faced with rising competition, brands must find out and leverage what makes them unique and elevate that key differentiator across their site through a memorable experience that speaks directly to their target audience. If you want to increase engagement, customer conversion, and retention for your Shopify store, start with these key areas: include premium, immersive designs, make your site intuitive and easy to navigate while optimizing for mobile, and build creative marketing campaigns to reach your ideal customers.
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