Amaze – an easy-to-use design platform to create engaging digital shopping experiences

Amaze – an easy-to-use design platform to create engaging digital shopping experiences

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Brands are facing the digital version of a problem they once tackled with their brick-and-mortar outlets. As the ecommerce space continues to grow, brands are challenged to make their online shops stand out to attract and retain customers.

Engaging and well-branded digital landing selling experiences are proving critical to building a successful ecommerce business – particularly after the online shopping surge in the first year of the pandemic. Tools such as Amaze Pro can help designers and merchants more easily amplify their online presences to ensure they meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

What is Amaze?

Amaze provides tools to help those with little to no technical expertise captivate their customers with engaging designs. Amaze is an easy-to-use design platform that provides simple tools to help anyone sell anything, anywhere. The designs are built to lead to success – as measured by lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.

What is the Amaze Pro platform?

The Amaze Pro platform enables brands and merchants to create beautiful and highly-engaging selling pages. Pro helps brands bring their content to life with features such as:

  • Superior transitions and animations like native-like animations and full screen video, which enables users to create new ways for consumers to explore their brand and buy products in an immersive, mobile-first environment.
  • One-click publish, shareable anywhere a link works.
  • Live preview, where users can view edits and merchandise for quality control via a QR code.

How do I get started?

A brand can start by creating a dedicated selling page in the Pro platform. By making a dedicated selling page, the brand can grab a customer’s attention through an easy-to-consume experience. After designing the selling page and any other initial ones, a brand is ready to go live.

Once you publish your projects, you can increase views by new customers. You can use Pro projects throughout all marketing efforts.

The Pro interface allows you to easily navigate within the Editor when working on your project. The platform is designed to allow owners to easily and quickly get their business ideas online and create engaging content that connects with customers. Amaze gives brands the ability to convey unique stories and cultivate deeper connections with customers to sell online in the best way possible.

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